Susanna Ardigò

Susanna Ardigò

Curriculum Vitae

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I am a Software and Data Engineer living in the beautiful Swiss city of Lugano.
Throughout my life I have always been interested in logic, problem-solving, engineering, studying, and traveling.
My favorite phase of software development is designing the system. I prioritize readability, cleanness, and efficiency when writing code.
My favorite programming paradigms are object-oriented and functional. I prefer type safety. I don't see languages as a limitation but rather a way of expressing instructions differently. Code is poetic, and it can tell fascinating stories.

I was born and raised in the green Franciacorta, known for its production of wine. At 17, I lived the American dream attending Bountiful High School as a senior student. Living in the states helped me to realize how different the world is. I then returned to Italy to complete high school at Liceo Scientifico Marco Polo. At 21, I moved to Lugano to fulfill my dream of studying at a university.
I received my BSc in Informatics in 2019 and my MSc in Software and Data Engineering in 2021, both at Università della Svizzera Italiana. I think there is no limit to knowledge and learning.

I love animals, in particular cats. I am the proud mummy of Cleopatra.
I enjoy playing drums. I started during my teenage years with an acoustic kit. Due to living in an apartment, I now own and play a Roland V-Drum kit.
I love sports and, during my life, I have played many such as ballet, volleyball, tennis, basketball, rugby, and swimming.
I am a member of Mensa: the High IQ Society.